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When we first started selling pet treats, we were resellers, but we were so disappointed with the quality of the treats that were available.  They were often smelly and greasy, and you could tell that inferior produce was used and there was no care taken in making them. 

It quickly became apparent to us that if we wanted to sell premium quality treats that we would need to make them ourselves.

Our strategy was simple: 

1.  Source the best possible Australian produce.
2.  Make them with the care and attention they deserved. 
3.  Process with no toxic chemicals whatsoever.

Over the years we have developed and improved our practices to produce what we believe are the best quality pet treats available anywhere. Now we will not sell any pet treats that we have not made ourselves.

But we are not stopping there, we are improving each and every day.  We inspect the treats after every batch and look for opportunities to make them even better.

The quality of the food and treats we give our dogs has a direct impact on their health and wellbeing which is why we do not compromise quality for profits and will always do the work to ensure the highest possible standard. 

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