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About Us

Give Paws is a 100% Australian family owned and operated company.  Our mission is to provide the best quality, most nutritious and healthy treats possible.  

  • All of our meat products are sourced 100% in Australia and New Zealand.
  • 100% of our products are made with care at our chemical free processing facility in Melbourne, Victoria. 


One of our directors is a qualified Animal Naturopath.  All our products are evaluated for health and safety prior to being added to our range.  We want to promote your pet’s health with clean and safe pet treats.  We believe we cannot improve on nature, so we do not season, smoke, salt or add any colours or preservatives to our treats.  They are also 100% grain free.


Food and chemical sensitivities are becoming more and more prevalent.  No harsh chemicals are used in our processing facility.  We use earth safe detergents for cleaning and cleaning vinegar for sanitation.  We also do not use any pesticides, insecticides or harmful chemicals that can be detrimental to your pet’s health.


You may notice we don’t have clod bones, large marrow bones or super tough treats like deer antlers.  Although these treats are long lasting, they pose a health risk to your dog as they wear or can even break teeth.  Also, due to the hardness of these bones, they are not a natural part of their diet so can be difficult to digest.


We pride ourselves on producing great quality, appropriate treats so we extensively research their benefits.  Our K9 pack are always happy to taste test all new products before they are added to our range. 


We know other countries may not maintain the same level of health and safety standards when it comes to meat handling and processing, so all of our raw materials are produced in Australia.


At Give Paws we are 100% committed to providing the healthiest pet treats possible.  We spend a great deal of time, effort and care in achieving this goal.  We strongly believe in what we are doing and know you will see the care and effort that goes into each and every treat we produce.


Please BEWARE of RAWHIDE.  For more information visit the website below.

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