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Kangaroo Tendons

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Kangaroo Tendons are tough but flexible bands of tissue that connect muscle to bones.  When these are dehydrated, they become very hard and tough and chewy to eat.  The kangaroo tendon is the part of the animal’s legs that gives them the strength and power in their hop.  These are a tough and chewy treat that dogs tend to love and take a lot longer to eat than a jerky.  Although they are boneless, the dried tendon makes for a tough and chewy treat that is good for keeping teeth clean.  Suitable for all dogs of all ages.  A good inside treat – not too messy.

The Extra Large Kangaroo Tendons weigh approximately 40 to 70g each and range in length from 25 to 35cm each.

Toughness rating (1 – 3, with 3 being the toughest): 2

Please note that the toughness rating is a comparison of this treat against other treats.

As all our treats are 100% natural products, you can expect slight variations from the product pictured.

Kangaroo meat is high in protein but low in fat (less than 2% fat).  Dogs with digestive troubles may see improvement switching to this meat since low-fat meats are more easily digested.  Kangaroo treats are also tougher than other treats/meats.

Kangaroo is free ranging in Australia and harvested from their own environment.  It is a naturally lean meat that is sourced from the Australian wild.  They are free-ranging animals that graze on natural vegetation.  As such, the meat has not been exposed to or treated with antibiotics, steroids, growth hormones or pharmaceuticals.

Even if your dog does not love raw kangaroo, they tend to love to devour dehydrated roo.

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