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Parsley Chicken Breast Fillet

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Our chicken tenderloin (or baby fillet) is the small fillet attached to the breast fillet.  Our parsley chicken tenderloins have been marinated with parsley and dried.  Parsley is a natural seasoning and has been added for variety for your dog.  It is suitable for all dogs of all ages. This treat is boneless and low in fat and are slightly tougher than chicken jerky.  As it is eaten so quickly, it makes a great inside treat as there is no time to leave crumbs behind.

Toughness rating (1 – 3, with 3 being the toughest): 1

Please note that the toughness rating is a comparison of this treat against other treats.

All our chicken is grown in Australia.

As all our treats are 100% natural products, you can expect slight variations from the product pictured.

All our chicken products are La Ionica chicken.  This brand of chicken is also processed chemical free.

Poultry builds lean muscle mass in dogs.  Chicken is also a great source of essential amino acids.

Chicken tends to make softer treats as it is quite a tender meat.  It is also a smaller animal, so the bones are softer than those from larger animals and most dogs will eat the entire treat - bones, claws and all.

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