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KONG Sherps Floofs Big Horn

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You will need two measurements.  

The first is the length of your dog.  This is measured from the base of the neck to the top of the tail as shown below:



The second measurement will be the chest as shown below:


With these 2 measurements, you should be able to select a coat that will fit your pooch.

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Sherps™ Floofs Big Horn.

The KONG Sherps™ Floofs Big Horn has an uber plush exterior that is irresistibly snuggly for cuddling between gentle games of indoor fetch. The unique flat squeaker in the body provides full-on fun with sounds all around. Crackly horns extend and delight dogs making playtime last longer. Lined for long-lasting fun, dogs of all sizes can easily grab on and play with these adorable adventure buddies.


  • Featuring an irresistible uber plush exterior and a full body squeaker on the inside, this ram is sure to delight dogs that enjoy indoor playtime.
  • Ultra-soft plush for cuddling and gentle fetching.
  • Full body squeaker entices full-on fun.
  • Double layered for long-lasting playtime.
  • Fluffy big horn character for indoor engagement.
  • Long horns make catch and grab playtime easy.
  • Crackle sounds entice play.

Designed for light/moderate chewing.  For tough chew sessions, try KONG rubber toys.  Supervised use only.  Remove all packaging.  Discontinue use if damaged.

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