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Herm Sprenger Wooden Brush, Long Pins

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Brushes will assist in cleaning dog's coats by reducing knots, stimulating blood flow and increasing and spreading the natural coat oils.  

Wire Pin Brushes are ideal for medium to long haired dogs.  They are perfect for removing tangles.  Wire pin brushes are best for thick, curly or woolly coats and are usually ineffective on short haired breeds.

This dog brush is recommended especially for thick, long and fine fur and can be used for your dog's everyday-care perfectly.

Dogs with delicate hair like Yorkies or Silky Terriers, are best suited to a wire pin style brush.

  • extra long metal pins
  • pin length: 27 mm
  • measures: 240 x 63 mm
  • made of high quality smooth polished wood
  • suitable for particularly long and fine coats
  • perfect for daily grooming
  • comfortable, wide handle shape for a nice and secure grip

Made in Germany.

Item number: 57232 001 00

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