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Goat Wafer

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Our Goat Wafer is made from goat meat that has simply been minced, spread thinly on a tray and dried.  It is suitable for all dogs of all ages.  This treat is a boneless, low in fat, crunchy treat.  As it has been minced, it is a great treat for reward training as it can be easily broken into very smaller pieces and is quickly eaten.  As it is such a quick and easy treat for dogs to eat, it is a good indoor treat – not too messy.

Toughness rating (1 – 3, with 3 being the toughest): 1

Please note that the toughness rating is a comparison of this treat against other treats.

All our goat is grown in Australia.

As all our treats are 100% natural products, you can expect slight variations from the product pictured.

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