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Cow Ears

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A great tough boneless treat.  A natural treat with the fur still on.  In a natural diet, fur and feathers are the main source of fibre in a dog’s diet.  Just like pig ears, they are mostly cartilage and high in collagen.  A huge hit with most dogs but some dogs need to be enticed to try these as often dogs have never seen fur on their food.  You can break/cut off a small piece for them.  This gives your dog a taste which usually entices them into it.  They are good for teeth cleaning due to the toughness of the cow skin and the fur’s polishing and cleaning abilities.  For all dogs of all ages.  Better served outside as you may find tufts of fur left behind (unless you don’t mind).

Toughness rating (1 – 3, with 3 being the toughest): 2

Please note that the toughness rating is a comparison of this treat against other treats.

All our beef is grown in Australia.

Available as a single item or in packs of 3.

As all our treats are 100% natural products, you can expect slight variations from the product pictured.

Why feed fur/benefits of fur:

Fur is a great source of fibre and aids in good digestive health in the following ways:

  • not fully breaking down so it brushes its way through the digestive tract, thereby cleaning away any food built up over time;
  • cleaning away food build up, reduces the likelihood of a sluggish digestive system. A sluggish digestive system can become a breeding ground for yeasts and other fungi;
  • cleansing the digestive tract, aids the body in absorbing nutrients;
  • helping prevent worms by brushing away worms and eggs in the digestive system;
  • helping to keep teeth clean - fur is a part of a dog’s natural toothbrush – it polishes their teeth;
  • being a great source of fibre. Fibre bulks up poop – to naturally express the anal gland, poop needs to be firm enough to press against the anal glands as it passes through.

The fur, bone, cartilage, tendons and ligaments of prey animals also function as fibre in the intestine of dogs.

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