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Bungee Rope - Large

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Australian Made Bungee Ropes - made from high quality 100 percent cotton.  They come in a variety of vibrant colours.

A soft and durable toy that dogs love. 

It should be hung at a height that your dog can reach it but cannot pin it on the ground under their feet - dogs may be tempted to rip it apart if they are able to pin it under their feet.  When it flings back, it becomes an automatic target to chase, making for hours of entertainment.

The loop at the top makes it easy to attach to a sturdy tree branch or balcony roof with a simple slip knot or to attach an extension line to get the ideal length.

To keep your dog interested, you can place a treat between the wound strands.  The challenge is then to get the pet treat from a moving object.  You can try our cow face pieces which are a great treat for this.

The lengths vary - they are typically between 1.3 and 1.4 metres long.  The large bungee has more stands making for a thicker rope and a larger knot.

A great size for large dogs.  

Customer Reviews

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My girl Charli just loves these


What a great well priced fun toy.
Will definitely purchase more - for variety


Very good sales and service

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