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Herm Sprenger Wooden Handle Double Sided Deshedding Brush

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The rounded brush rakes, glide gently through the coat and remove loose, dead and matted undercoat, without stressing or pulling the skin. With the help of the fine micro-knives on the inside of the brush rakes, matted areas are cut painlessly and the top coat is protected. The brush thus gently thins the coat and removes annoying matting without the need for scissors.

Undercoat deShedding removes most loose hair before your pet has had a chance to shed it on the surface of your home.  They are also known to promote your pet’s health by preventing pests, matting, and skin infections.  It also stimulates healthy blood circulation by providing a gentle massaging effect, removes lightly tangled undercoat hair and improves the overall appearance and health of the animal’s coat.

  • wood, stainless steel
  • double sided
  • measures: 200 x 85 mm
  • made of high quality stainless steel with smooth polished wooden handle
  • ideal for dogs with long and thick coat
  • the brush is suitable for removing stubborn tangles as well as for thinning and depilation
  • comfortable, thick handle shape for a nice and secure grip

Made in Germany.

Item number: 57591 001 00

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