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Herm Sprenger Dog brush, Natural

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Brushes will assist in cleaning dog's coats by reducing knots, stimulating blood flow and increasing and spreading the natural coat oils.  

Bristle brushes can be used for most coat types.  This brush is best suited for dogs with coarse, wiry hair which need sturdier bristles.

Due to the natural bristles (also known as cactus-bristles), this dog brush has antistatic properties. It is recommended for cleaning and grooming short fur in particular.

The brush is additionally equipped with a flexible rubber band (20 mm).

Comfortable handling is guaranteed by the ergonomic shape in exclusive SPRENGER-design and the long and wide brush corpus.

  • brown wood
  • made from mixed bristles
  • bristle length: 20 - 22mm
  • measures: 135 x 70 mm
  • made of high quality, smooth polished wood with natural bristles
  • for easy cleaning and care of short coat, can also be used as a massage brush
  • antistatic due to the natural bristles
  • with elastic strap for a secure and comfortable hold in the hand

Made in Germany.

Item number: 57251 001 00

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